Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Feeling better!

I just want to thank everyone who commented and posted after my last post. Sorry it was so gloomy. But i really appreciate all the love, concern and support.

I would be so lost without my little online community!  You guys are just so awesome - you are there when i need you and make me laugh and share your lives me. I appreciate it so much and love you all.

Well i finally feel better and like Im coming out of my Post-Christmas depression and Mr Mcdonalds crisis. I had a great night with #48. He's just amazing. I know i get way too attached too easily, i know. But he's just amazing. Sigh. I can't stop thinking about him and he makes me so happy.

I know the thing about having to love myself before someone else will. But i don't know if that's possible for me.

But oh well another problem for another day.

I love my Mylrea. I've got the air con going, the tv on. And the best friends on Facebook <3

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