Sunday, 15 January 2012

Shifting the goal posts

Okay so have had a good think about things in the shower.

Things I want to give up completely:
-Cutting myself
-Having sex with Shane
-Texting Shane (about non-Lincoln related things such as access)

Things I need to cut down on:
- Maccas
- Drinking

So I am going to keep track of my 'days since' all of these things. But expecting that i will still drink and eat maccas.

I last cut myself on 10/1/2012
I last had sex with Shane on 11/1/2012
I last drank alcohol on 12/1/2012
I last texted Shane 13/1/2012
I last had Maccas on 14/1/2012

I am hoping that if I make it public, I will make myself more accountable. I need to think of goals of how often I want to eat maccas and drink. Though I am going to aim to lose weight with that 1 million kilo challenge so I will aim to give up maccas as of the 26/1/2012 (i think that it is when it starts). No idea about the drinking yet though. I will keep a track of it I think anyway while I think of an appropriate goal or even decide to give it up completely or maybe say only socially/when im with someone.

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