Monday, 23 January 2012

Starting over ... again... I guess 23/01/2012

I last cut myself on 10/1/2012 : 13 days days 
I last had sex with Shane on 11/1/2012: 12 days 
I last texted Shane 22/1/2012: Yesterday
I last had Maccas on 22/1/2012: Yesterday

Am getting so disgusted at myself - I cannot stop eating. Binge binge binge. It is gross. I hate it and I hate how fat I am getting. I slept til 4:30 yesterday afternoon and once I got up I still ate three meals for the day. WTF?! And now I am eating like a whole freaking chocolate cake.

Across the board I have no self control - in terms of eating, and texting and just everything.

Getting so frustrated with myself. 

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