Saturday, 26 November 2011


Well here i am once again posting from the local McDonalds. My tummy is full of a double quarter pounder and bacon. Yes, Maccas certainly is my happy place!

I woke up yesterday morning with conjuctivitis which is just fantastic. It's not terribly bad but it means i can't see baby Lincoln this weekend. And Lincoln was sick during the week with a cough/cold so Shane wasn't able to bring him up here during the week. I miss my bubba! But hopefully Shane will bring him up this Wednesday for a visit with Lucas and Bee.

So with a weekend with zero plans and the beyond convenient discovery of five valium on top of my fridge, i have decided to have a lazy weekend. Seeing as i have the sleep patterns of a vampire, i am constantly tired. So this weekend, i am sleeping!

This opportunity to catch up on sleep, when it feels like I've spent weeks racking up a huge sleep debt, i am very grateful for.

I've got a full tummy. Im going to go home and watch The Adjustment Bureau and eat chocolate. Then Im going to dose up and sleep for as long as i can.

No boys, no booze, no mischief for me this weekend. Just catching up on sleep and enjoy doing nothing. No pressure and total relaxation. Bliss! It really is the simple things in life! :-)

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