Monday, 28 November 2011


Today this is what I am grateful for:

My Lucas and Bethany <3 They are so precious. With my moods up and down and all over the place and varying not only from day to day but hour to hour, I appreciate the moments of stability, peace and happiness - especially when they coincide with time with my kids.

Joint access visits often don't go as smoothly as the individual contacts as they are often competitive and Lucas who has autism, really struggles with Bee not acting the way he expects/wants or needing to compete for my attention. But today was lovely.

They were *mostly* well beahved - aside from a mishap where Bee almost accidentally drank from Lucas' cup! We made a cake together - and they co-operated beautifully and shared the tasks involved with that. We made lego together - that is when I really missed Shane or at least resented him for walking out on us, damn you Shane - I suck at lego and building train tracks!! Bee helped me do some dishes while Lucas finished off his cake and she helped me put some washing on. So bonus - I am making inroads on the housework. To finish off with we watched some of a Wiggles DVD til Lucas announced he wanted to go home (about ten minutes early) because Wabaloo (?) starts at 1 o'clock! LOL! The kid has the entire programming of ABC kids memorised!

So today I am thankful that I had an enjoyable time with both my kids and the visit went relatively smoothly. Love love love them <3

Now I'm off to have a shower, hang out the washing and if I am feeling super motivated, put away the dishes and clean some more!

Hope you are all having a wonderful day <3

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