Sunday, 4 December 2011

3/12/11 - catching up!!

I skipped a day and feel all out of whack!!

Stayed in Melbourne Friday night, saw baby Lincoln Saturday then stayed the night at #48's house last night.

I am having a pretty awesome weekend so far.

I am grateful to have my dad who i can hang out with and talk to about the drama that is my life! And to have him help out when he can. And for letting me crash on the couch every weekend i come down to see Lincoln.

Im grateful for my older sister who drove me out to see Lincoln then
Out to #48's house.

I had an awesome night with #48. Vodka, pizza, foxtel = awesome. And he's just so funny. And appreciates my sexual adventures and thinks Im awesome the way i am. I didn't think id actually make a friend in amongst all my conquests lol.

Sitting at narre warren station now. Hanging for a coffee!! Got a few things to do -including adding #52- to my list then Im heading to bendigo and spending the night with #51!

Busy but great weekend! :-)

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