Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Wow, last night I crashed hard. I think all the emotional build up of the day just wore me down and I ended up a blubbering ball of tears. But I had a good sleep, woke up relatively recharged and ready to take on the world again :)

I had a great visit with Lucas and Bee today :) They showed up with some artwork from kinder which was just so gorgeous! Bee had done a painting of a christmas tree (which looked nothing like a christmas tree!) and Lucas had framed drawing of me. Absolutely love my kids artwork :) Makes me so happy and proud!! We went to the park and to McDonalds today. And they were really good and msotly happy today - sometimes the joint visits don't go so well because they are competing for attention. I love the way my kids genuinely crack me up. They are so funny and such little characters.

After the visit, I headed into town and bought myself some new make up as a treat, which I have been wanting to do for ages! I tried to call the team leader and unit manager at DHS to no avail. So I went down there, and asked for the name of the next person up. They sent down the unit manager's p.a who took my name and number for the team leader to call me back.

I am not abusive or agressive when dealing with DHS - despite how infuriating they are. I have just had enough of them slow walking me and dragging their heels when it comes to providing for my kids. So I have just become more persistent. I want to see my kids on Christmas. I want Lucas to be enrolled in the school I have chosen for him and a plan in place to ensure he gets there every day. I also want DHS to organise and fund the language assessment he needs and to provide him with a child psychologist.

These are not big demands - I know they are under-resourced and are just in shambles because of the industrial action, I get it, I really do. But it is not acceptable that my children be negatively affected or be disadvantaged because they don't have the resources or the workers are on strike.

So by some miracle, the team leader actually called me back and we have a meeting Friday morning. Squeaky wheel does get the grease. This team leader does not call ANYONE back lol!

So today I am thankful for a great visit with my gorgeous kids and grateful that my team leader actually found time in his hectic schedule to call me back and arrange a meeting. Most likely, no progress will be made at this meeting and Im not exactly holding my breath for any huge development. But a call-back is a small victory - and I am going to take it!

Bethany and I are going to make strawberry muffins tomorrow so I am looking forward to that :)

Im going to do the dishes now, have a shower and a bit later on, Mr McDonalds is coming to see me. All in all a successful day :D

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