Monday, 5 December 2011


Today I am feeling pretty average - not bad and nothing is especially 'wrong' - just not estastic with life right now.

I am feeling a bit tired from the weekend and a bit anxious about a meeting with DHS tomorrow. Also I think the reality that Christmas is coming is actually finally starting to set in - so I am facing the stress of buying presents and affording everything and actually trying to see my kids on Christmas Day.

I feel like there is so much I want and need to do - primarily enrol Lucas in school, get Christmas organised, write to my member of Parliament about all the ridiculousness that is DHS and talk to someone at Legal Aid and try to get family court orders in place so I can have Lincoln back.

It is all so much and I am so overwhelmed to the point of doing nothing.

But I did see Lucas today and I had a great time with my little buddy. He is so smart and cute and my God, he makes me laugh. He just makes me so happy and so proud. I just want the world for him! So I am grateful for that and I do like Monday visits cos our supervisor is really good too.

So with all the stress of DHS, family court, trying to get Lucas enrolled for school and the pressure that is Christmas - I am still grateful for my access with lucas today which went really well :)

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