Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Today I am very grateful that I have such an awesome mental health case manager. She is easy to talk and supportive. She is really understanding and knows I have areas I need to improve in, but has faith that I can do it. I first met her on the CAT Team when I was in crisis in June and now she works in case management. She has said that she can definitely see that I have progressed from back then and am capable of having my kids back home. So that makes me really happy.

Today's meeting with DHS was no-go. But it was breaking point for me. Not as in, I give up, I can't go on. But as in enough is enough. I stormed out of DHS and into legal aid, the community legal centre and to my local MP's office. Absolutely had enough. And instead of losing my shit at the DHS workers (which is not really even possible seeing as they dont even show up to the meetings!) I am putting that anger and that energy into taking this further.

I have got an appointment with my MP next Wednesday and an appointment with a lawyer,  as well.

I am really happy and pleased that I have got this burst of motivation. While at DHS, I just wanted to break down and cry. But I used that despair and hopelessness and turned it around and walked right over to legal aid.

This shouldn't even be a big deal. It is such a small issue. I want Lucas to go to a certain school that I feel is best able to cater to his needs. The foster carer is unwilling or unable to get him there each day. Now, seeing as he is on a Custody to the Secretary order which leaves major decisions to me (such as school choice) and the day to day care of the child to DHS, if there is something that the carer can't provide then it is on DHS to pick up the slack.

Now if DHS are unwilling and unable to provide this - and given that it is in the best interests of Lucas to go to this school - then I feel that DHS either get him to school each day or they send him home and I will do it.

It is getting beyond a joke. It is Decemeber and Lucas isn't even enrolled in school. Enough is enough.

I am also BEYOND grateful for everyone's support today when I was having a meltdown re DHS and for everyone that is has gone out of their way to read my letter and offer their advice and insight. I appreciate it so so much!!

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