Monday, 5 December 2011


Well technically it is the 5th by now!

Im just having one of those days today. Nothing majorly bad has happened but nothing has gone right lol. Everything today has been an epic fail.

Im grateful still because i actually have a really good friend in #48 - i genuinely enjoy hanging out with him. He makes me laugh and takes me as i am.

Im grateful for my awesome Facebook friends who i know i mention all the time but god knows where i would be without them and their ongoing support.

Im grateful that i get to see my Lucas tomorrow. Im a bit sad because Lincoln pretty much cried the whole time i visited him and isn't comforted by me and settled an hour after i left. That hurts a lot but Im trying to focus on looking forward to seeing Lucas tomorrow.

So there is crap and stress and general unpleasantness, but Im grateful that this is just one bad day. Things will get better. Tomorrow will be better. And above all else, i remind myself and Im grateful for the fact - this too shall pass.

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